Summer Clothing Sale!

I love finding tunics and unique tops for the shop. For our Aussie and Kiki friends, I wanted to do a sale for the summer months that are just around the corner. Most pieces have two colors to choose from so take a look.

Come take a look at what's is on sale here

All the pieces I source are designed to fit our western body types.
In Korea it’s a running joke among us expats that when you see “one size fits all” it means “one size fits all petite people. You can read this Racked article about the frustrations westerners living in Korea have finding clothing that fits.

This is the whole reason I started my clothing shop, to have a place for people who love Korea fashion but have a western body type can find clothing that fits.

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New Cheaper Shipping

I was able to find a service that Korea Post offers that works well for the size and weight of the items in the store and ships worldwide.

Now, anything under 2kg has a very reasonable shipping cost. Most of the items in the shop are 500g or under, making shipping around $6.

This is the Korea Post Small Packet service and I’m excited about using this service as it solves the biggest issues for customers, which is the high cost of shipping.

Twitch Shopping Network - Buying clothing live

I was inspired by a couple that runs a video game store in the Seattle area called Pink Gorilla. They’re the first to do something called the “Twitch Shopping Network” where you can buy items from their store as you watch their stream live.

I really love this idea of people being able to buy items live while watching Twitch and I’m going to try and do something similar to Pink Gorilla (DS Koopa on Twitch).
I’m going to live stream from Dongdaemun, where I source clothing for my store, and have people buy items they want as they watch live.

It will work like this, as you are watching the stream live and you see a clothing item you want, in the Twitch chat tell me the item you saw and I’ll tell you the price of the item.
Shipping is a flat $10 USD for everyone, no matter what country you live in.
Once I tell you the price of the item you see live and you want to order it, send me a direct message in Twitch (called a Whisper) with your email address and the item description so I can send you an invoice.
As soon as the invoice is paid I’ll ship the item to you.

If you don’t know how to send a direct message in Twitch called Whisper click here or watch the walkthrough video below.

Use the link here or below to follow me on Twitch to know when I go live