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Our Story


How it all started

I came to Korea in 2010 for what was supposed to be one year. During that year I met my wife and we married in 2011. I’ve been living in Korea full time ever since and always wanted to run a business here. I finished my business degree and in 2018 I finally decided to start my online clothing shop.



As far as Korean clothing shops go, it is hard to find a shop that will have pieces of clothing that will fit a western body type. Kyle in Korea’s goal is to find Korean made pieces that will fit you at an affordable price.

To help you get an idea of how the clothing will fit you, I use a mannequin that models a western body type. I can adjust the mannequin from:
Bust: 39"-47" / 99-119 cm
Waist: 31"-39" / 78-99 cm
Hips: 41"-49" / 104-124 cm
Neck/Back: 14"-16" / 35-40 cm